Clear the Space, Complete Brush and Weed Abatement


Overgrown weeds and plants cause a lots or backyards to look unkempt.

Full yard clean ups are thorough and  include everything from weed whacking services to brush shaping and pruning.



Purpose of weed and overgrowth clearing.


  • Clear lots in to avoid code enforcement action

Dried grass and overgrowth can attract code enforcement action as well as attention from neighbors.


  • Prepare a house for the market

Clearing a lot is proven to yield higher offers than a house with overgrowth and clutter.


  • Simply, cleaning up

Because having a nicely manicured and cleared yard simply feels good.  Energy flows!


  • Preparing for re-landscaping

Ok, maybe you need a fresh canvass for your upcoming project.  Lets get it done.


  • Fire preparedness

Oh jeez need we say more, with all these fires it’s important to keep that dried grass as close to the ground as possible.



How much does yard clean up cost?


Because of every situation is different, our price is given on site.  No hassle zero pressure estimates.




Simply put, every yard clean up situation requires a different service.


Some yards only require brush be removed, others require small trees or plants be uprooted.


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