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Services- Includes mowing,  raking , blowing (if legal)

garden maintenance and planting
Plating, and other maintenance tasks are cake.

Maintaining your yard clean and free of foliage.

Garden maintenance is crucial to keep up the value of your home.  Be the pride of the neighborhood with an immaculate yard.  Nothing garners the negative attention of neighbors more than a sloppy and unkempt yard.


Our weekly or biweekly maintenance services include leaf blowing, lawn mowing, edging, and overall clean up of your yard and property.  Additional services can be added on at any time or at our initial consultation.


Leaf Raking for Banned Locations

Some cities will not allow leaf blowers, we understand the catch 22 between a clean environment and a clean yard.  For this exact reason we offer leaf raking of all foliage.

Certainly Efrain can handle raking your foliage without an issue unfortunately due to skyrocketing prices in the bay area the service comes with an extra charge over our standard leaf blowing service.


Keep your lawn cropped

By keeping your lawn neatly cropped your house will “pop”.  Ok, not as in implode, meaning your house will simply stand out and not in a bad way.

What some real estate agents would call curb appeal.

A freshly clipped lawn feels no different to a homeowner than getting a fresh hair cut except it smells much better.


Garden Maintenance of plants

Maintaining your plants is something that must be done if you don’t want them to wilt, yellow brown out and  then die.

Watering them, and tending to them is essential.  Not every plant is going to need a lot of care however the basics must be provided for them  Simply put simple things like clogged sprinklers or drip system can be catastrophic to a garden..

We maintain your plants by


  • Fertilizing
  • Removing old foliage
  • Topping
  • Shaping
  • Exposing the Canopy of plants

Keep your plants pruned with Efrain

Sometimes plants need to be pruned for the next season.  Of course why stress? Let the professionals handle it while you are at work coding away.

Simply put, hire efrain for your pruning needs.  Allow us to prune your plants to allow for fresh growth to take place.


General Repairs around the garden

Broken fence, busted sprinklers are easy tasks for efrain gardening.   Home services are just part of the job other garden services are available upon request.