broken sprinkler repair redwood city and surrounding areas

We have all seen them, broken sprinklers inefficiently spewing water everywhere.


As Californians,  water waste really bothers us, oh the horror!


unfortunately, now it’s happening to you!


Luckily, Efrain Gonzales will come to you and repair it immediately to avoid further water waste.


Of course broken sprinkler repair is possible regardless of whether the sprinkler is physically broken, completely or not performing correctly.


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Sprinkler Repair Situations


Lawn Mower damage

Certainly the unit itself is a goner, there is no saving it.   Efrain Gonzalez will pull it out and install a new one.


Spray Pattern is off 

Perhaps the pattern  is off or the sprinkler appears to have lost power.



Sprinkler types we work on


Pvc  systems

Easily get these repaired by Efrain by simply giving us a buzz.  Sprinklers can be removed and replaced, brittle pipes can be replaced.



Lets be upfront these systems are older and usually corrode with time.  If you have a leak or your water bill is very expensive this may be the culprit.  One of the pipes under your lawn could very well be leaking and causing excessive water waste.

Signs of broken sprinkler

  • Low water pressure
  • Dying plantsSometimes you will notice a dying plant, this is due to overwatering the sprinkler causes.  Be aware and save yourself a bunch of  your water bill.  Not to mention