Top 5 organic fertilizers for your lawn

Fertilizing your lawn organically, top 5 fertilizers


Hey there fellas, this is Efrain bringing you an informative blog here.  Why is this blog true to my heart? Let me tell you!


Well as we all know chemical fertilizers end up running off and polluting our oceans and our rivers.  Let’s not even talk about our water table.

How to apply them

All these fertilizers can be safely applied directly to the soil or steep it in water for foliar feeding or root drenching.  Another amazing alternative is to aerate it with a bubbler and aquarium pump.  Do this for 24 hours to get an amazing tea.

Without further due here are some alternatives to synthetic fertilizers.




Blood Meal

One of the biggest gripes about organic fertilizers is how slow they are.  Obviously this is a myth as blood meal is very fast acting.  Expect your lawn or plants to green up just days after application.   Of course as long as the plant is nitrogen deficient.  True to its name blood meal is made from died cattle blood.


Very fast acting highly water soluble.


One of the only down sides is it may attract critters to your yard.  However blood meal can be used safely as long as you take care to cover it with dirt or steep the blood meal in water or compost tea.



Fish Meal


Another one of my favorite fertilizers this is also an excellent relatively fast acting organic fertilizer.  Again this smells a lot more than the blood meal so it may attract critters.  Consider steeping it in water as opposed to leaving it on top of your soil.



Medium fast acting, provides a balanced fertilizer solution


Very stinky may attract cats, and other unwanted animals.


Bat Guano


Look for high nitrogen bat guano which is very fast acting and usually smells like ammonia.  Mix this in water for best results and feed to your plants or lawn.  Not going to lie the smell may put you off as it literally smells like cat urine.    Stimulated spectacular foliar growth as well as flower growth.


Pros: Very fast acting have not noticed it attracting any animals

Cons: smells like cat urine, It’s a bit pricey you definitely get a better bang for your buck with blood meal.


Earthworm Castings

It’s difficult to get a better all around gentle fertilizer which contains not only nitrogen but other micro nutrients essential for plant growth.  One of my favorite things to do with earthworm castings is make an amazing earth worm casting tea.  Stay tuned for a blog article on how to make compost worm tea.



gentle, difficult to burn plants, includes many other micronutrients


expensive, usually the good stuff is pricey as its often called black gold.  Pro tip.  Buy some worms and let them produce the stuff for you.


Chicken Manure


One often overlooked source of feed for your plants is chicken manure!  Indeed chicken poop makes a great all around gentle fertilizer.  Try craigslist or farmers for the best in chicken manure.  Obviously chicken manure is also available commercially.  For best results all these manures should be composted first.


Negatives: smells of course


Check out this video it has additional fertilizers which can be made even from table scraps.